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i drew on school property whoops

I wonder if they play Mario.


balcony wish

We now have a co-admin.

Treat him kindly. ^^


Princess Peach fan-art :)

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Here's a list of times she appears in the direct if you wanna post it or whatever! 2:00, 2:45, 2:55, 3:58, 4:07, 4:46, 5:18, 5:28, 13:16, 20:41, 32:58, 34:28, 35:36

You are an amazing person for doing this. ;;

Bless you.

Here you are everyone, these are where Peach shows up in the Nintendo Direct video for Smash Bros! ^^

Could you point me towards some footage of Peach's movements in Smash 4? It's really gonna bother me not seeing her drag her giant fluffy dress around

Well so far there is no video that showcases her moveset, but if you watch the Smash Bros direct, you will see bits and pieces of her throughout the video. :)