Do you have any other game-related blogs?

Just my personal. :)

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You're one of the best people on my tumblr feed. <3 Thank you!

Ahh, thank you so much! ^^

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Cat Peach is perfect.

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Last year, I kept my Desert Bus Craft-Along items tightly under wraps but this year… well, I’m so proud of this that I couldn’t wait to share it.

This is my framed floating cut paper art of Princess Peach’s stained glass window. It’s over 100 pieces of pearl cardstock and vellum with just a few gems for extra sparkle. I really enjoyed doing my own interpretation and including a bunch of fun elements. Making the best use of both sides of the glass was the challenge but I found that the flowers from her Peach Blossom Final Smash added a nice touch.

While this piece is destined for Desert Bus for Hope 8, you can see more of my cut paper art here on my blog.

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Do you like Zelda too?

Yes! I love most of the ladies of Nintendo, though, my favorite Zelda rep is Agitha. ^^ 

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i miss posts from this blog ;w;

:( I’m so sorry! I will be getting active soon enough!